The field of embedded control is usually challenging. How could one take advantage of the rapid development of electronics, computers, and the control theory ? We have done extensive research in this area and tried to filter out what could be implemented in practice, from the vast number of aesthetic work in the literature. We could assist you from system modeling, analysis & design in software, computer simulation, to control implementation.

Of course, we could not claim to know everything in detail. If you want to try some really novel idea, let us do the hard work and we may benefit together.

Our research-based, open-source oriented approach

Why do we prefer open architectures to proprietary products? In addition to more flexibility, using off-the- shelf hardware together with open-source software helps keep the cost minimal. And the customer does not have to depend too much on any particular vendor for support/maintenance, including us! We provide all the necessary documents for your absolute control of the system.