Mushin in Japanese refers to a highly-trained mental state open for everything and always ready for flawless execution. By the same philosophy, we at Mushin Dynamics provide reliable professional services & products tailored to your industrial needs.

About MuShin Dynamics

Industrial control applications have become more sophisticated, due to the rapid progress of electronics & computer technology. In the past, you may have an innovative concept that sounds too ideal. Now, with our experiences in control and computer engineering, we could help realize your dream. Engineers at MSD specialize in embedded systems, mechatronics, and computer hardware/software. We always keep up with the latest technology in these multi-disciplinary fields. We have offered consultant, training, and R&D services to academic/ government institutions as well as private sectors. At present, our IP cores are used in controllers for CNC and industrial robots being developed in Thailand.


  • Develop new hardware/software products for industrial control
  • Provide engineering consultant and services
  • Support control & embedded system education with study-aids and media

Our Expertise

Together with our partners, we have conducted R&D in industrial control for nearly 20 years. MSD founder, Dr.Varodom Toochinda, received a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering/Control Systems from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. While in the U.S. he studied and researched extensively in control engineering, including some work with advisors and colleagues to help improve performance of equipments used in battleships and submarines, and also active noise control applications.